CONGRATULATIONS to the Classes of 2011!

I have high school friends, college friends and neighbors who have kids who graduate this year.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all! I sat in the audience at our daughters’ school graduation ceremony on Tuesday evening in awe. The seniors were dressed in hand-made, light blue and white, form-fitted long dresses with Haku leis (flowers around her head) […]

How is your summer so far?

Well, I have enjoyed two days of summer so far and IT’S GREAT!!! Sure,  the days were Saturday and Sunday, typically fun days for my family, but still, I was relaxed and responsive. Whatever they wanted to do, I went along willingly! We went to the Honolulu Zoo ( for a few hours…enjoying all the animals […]

Are you counting down until summer?

Today and tomorrow my girls take their final exams. They have worked so hard over the past ten months. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments. They moved to a new place, learned new routines, attended a much smaller school, tried new foods, experienced new cultures and became seasoned city bus travelers. Each […]