Are you saying nice things to yourself?

“Positive self-talk is an integral part of confidence and success. Often, reaching that next level in sport is simply a matter of believing you can. More than 66,000 thoughts float through our minds on a daily basis. Imagine the energy you could harness by making most of those thoughts self-affirming and positive! Before a challenging run […]

Who~What empowers you?

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 (…that’s a lot of Earth love! I happily recycled our bottles, I re-used (as I  commonly do) my shopping bags at the grocery stores, I re-filled my coffee cups, I walked to my chosen destinations and I made abundantly clear my gratitude […]

Mantra: never give up; never give in.

Well, as I’ve mentioned previously, I started surfing in the middle of March. I bought ten lessons from a surf shop, four of them one-on-one. Well, I completed those lessons. Now it’s time to PRACTICE.  Do you know the saying, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?…practice, practice, practice.” Well, that is true with everything, […]

Just had to share this one….

Listen, Learn…then Lead. I learned that phrase from a TED talk.  Four Star General Stanley McChrystal told his story and at the end enjoyed a standing ovation. I walked to the grocery store today and passed several interesting things. People love their kids: there are church schools, blow up pools, a beautiful high school, […]