Three (3) life lessons from the road

I believe life lessons are everywhere. For me, this week, they will appear and/or I will manifest them from inside a white Ford Fusion and outside along the highways. In my last post, I shared that our youngest daughter is moving to Missouri. This week is our metaphorical journey into the new, the unknown, and the change.

Life lesson #1: There are many ways to reach a destination. It may not be clear to everyone; the nectar is in the journey. Life is not always a straight line so follow your own path. We drove south (from Dallas) to see the Magnolia Market & Silos in Waco. Clearly opposite of our terminus, and yet an important stop for us both.

Life lesson #2: exploring is fun in the rain. We walked through puddles, over a saturated pallet-bridge, and across a pebble path to great food and finds.

Life lesson #3: embrace differences. Wind down time looks as different as people do. Coffee tastes richer when shared, especially in antique china cups. Rain enhances the treesā€™ shelter and exuberance. Conversations are viewpoints waiting to explore.

Many good things to come this week. I will embrace my travel companion in every way.



Change is coming – one week away

This blog began in 2010 as a helpful tool and tip resource for others moving to Honolulu (or anywhere new) to find a local resident’s grocery store, a home, three mattresses, and other useful places because I experienced challenges initially.

Then, in 2012 I documented my extraordinary life as an expatriate in Abu Dhabi, UAE and embraced the life of an expat mom. Fast-forward to 2015, when our eldest daughter secured her place in the world as a gainfully employed, independent young woman and our youngest daughter graduated from high school, repatriated to So. Cal. and catapulted me into the odd-day-chronicled rarified atmosphere of Empty Nester.

Next week, my status changes again. Our youngest daughter will begin the next chapter of her life living in our home in Missouri. This means changes for my HH, her and me in 2019. Does that make me a Boomerang Momma Bird?

My emotions and thoughts are swirling around in my head and my heart. I look forward to “the new” for us both/all.

The amazing life I have welcomes change at every season. The adventures will certainly continue and will most definitely include touches of a twenty-three-year-old’s joyous heart.



Spring celebrations 🌷

Not talking about Tax Day here in the US… There are pivotal Spring celebrations upon us soon. This week, for those who observe, is Passover, Good Friday and Easter. Many other cultures and places in the world gather to rejoice this week: Along with these feasts of plenty comes family and friends time.

hese gatherings can be joyous and delightful sprinkled with other emotions. Stay the course. Stay grateful. Remember to breathe slowly and take it all in.

I will savor the flavors of all the people as well as the food. Being myself is my gift, however that lands. I will be helpful, curious, thoughtful, and kind.



Be Wonder Woman

Whether you work inside or outside the home, self-love and self-care are essential.

YOU are worth it: Enjoy the exercise class, go for a long walk, take a trip, read a novel, paint your nails. You do you!

I always feel great during and after some girlfriend time AND alone self-care time.

Be curious and find ways to fill up your soul and celebrate you.



Hashtag holidays

Add to HallmarkĀ©️ holidays Facebook and Instagram holidays. One example: International Siblings Day ‘celebrated’ yesterday (April 10) as a grand exhibition of happy, joyful kids juxtaposed to current or recent photos. I loved seeing my friends’ pictures of skiing, holding hands, horsing around, posing with family pets, and then as the adults, I know. My memories with my brother will suffice.

I regard social media as a tool for connections, memories, and education. I respect those who don’t share my thoughts. That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place”
~ Rumi



Thoughts, movements, and truths

I see a man jog across the street. I see a mom pushing a baby stroller on the sidewalk. I alternate walking and riding along the crackly Katy Trail. We must move our bodies, clear our heads, and seize the day.

A new day presents new thoughts, challenges, perspectives. Greet it with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

Upcoming trips, home changes, and meeting new people fill my head. Forgiveness and openness weigh in too. I am reminded to shine my light.



What are your thoughts?


Good, solid friendships are easy. Conversations flow, food shared, plans amenable to all. Getting friends together for dinner is a key component of happiness. Add in the fun of trying a new restaurant, vacation spot, or favorite book title. Make plans!

Making plans for get-togethers, bike rides, hikes, long phone chats are also easy, with a bit of planning.

As I sit and reflect, I am grateful and happy with my dear friends. Those friends I met in elementary, middle and high school, in an exercise class, at a nail salon, waiting for a table at a restaurant, sitting in the lounge area at an airport, or on an online site of like-minded adventure seekers. Those who meet up for dinners, activities, and trips. Life is so much better and easy with friends.

And when they do, watch out! Life gets better!