Sun’s out, FUN’s out there!

The clear blue sky beckons me outside…. the sun is shining and no displays of wind. What to do? Explore!

Walking is a great way to see things, at street level. Take in the trees’ leaves changing colors. See the yard art in the neighborhood. Say “hello” to other walkers.

Trust me, household errands are much more enjoyable in the sunshine.

Driving to a new area also adds FUN to your day. Make a Road Trip Day and explore a new place, restaurant, shops, parks, and monuments.

Happy Wednesday and Happy FUN day.



Another full day the “Schnitzer way”

We all have 24 hours in a day, and “The Schnitzer way” is to maximize those hours and seize the day!

And so, we began with an early morning bike ride, followed by a breakfast of champions (eggs, bacon, coffee).  Heading to The Central West End of St. Louis, a lovely, walking area with shops, restaurants, and gorgeous old buildings, we ducked into the Candle Fusion ( to create individual hand-made candles from a mixture of our chosen scents.

Waiting for our candles to cure, we walked to my new favorite restaurant, The Taste of Lebanon, ( for over-the-top-delicious lentil soup, baba ganoush, and dolmades. We also perused an old bookstore, a soap-making place, and the three levels of exhibits at the World of Chess ( where the largest chess piece stands proudly at the front door. Yes, it has a Guinness Book of World Records certificate! Our candles turned out wonderfully.

Soon after, we headed to a team appreciation party, hosted by the Bike Stop Café, ( where we met new friends and ride sponsors, as well as indulging on delicious wraps, guacamole, and hand-made muffins. To shower appreciation upon the team members, the owners gifted us goodie bags filled with wonderful ride-related gifts (in mine: Untapped pure Vermont maple syrup, Chamois Butt’r, Golden Bicycle Soap by the Slice, and a bumper sticker).

Our final stop of the busy day was the Scheidegger Center    ( where we loved our first experience of Postmodern Jukebox (, an enormously talented group of musicians, singers, and dancers.  After their long encore, we headed home to relive the day in conversation.

Tip: get the most out of every day, as if it’s a good cup of coffee: good to the last drop. I shared links to help and inspire.





Are you ready?

Are you ready? It’s beginning to look a lot like….fall! 🍂  Outside our building, the trees twinkle with white lights. The cool air blows across my face. The puffy clouds float in the distance.

Bundle up and stay warm. It’s fall, y’all. Time to research indoor activities and other exercise options.  When leaves on the trees change their colors, that’s Momma Nature gently tapping us on the shoulder and saying, “Look what I can do!”

Keep the sunshine inside of you.




Cycle for Lives 🚲

Yesterday I did a really big NDB: I rode my bicycle 25 miles in a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is an inherited life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system.  Although rare, fewer than 200,000 cases in the US each year, it does affect people in a treatable but not curable way.

I met a 5-year old girl affected with CF and watched her mom talk about the treatments she’s received (endured). Then this beautiful, blonde little girl mounted her sparkly Frozen-themed tricycle to ride around the race area as nothing would stop her.

Then another mom spoke of losing her 13-year old daughter to CF and how the funds raised will help other families.

I’m sure there are many stories.

My heart hurts for those parents and kids. And my heart pounded as I rode through ~30-mile/hour winds to finish the race (in 1:58) with pride knowing I (and all the riders) helped those families and many more.

I’m grateful, humbled, and feeling accomplished today.  It feels so good to do for others.



Fall street ride

Beautiful fall day created a lovely backdrop for a nice ride. The problem :  last night it rained so the trail was all muddy, wet, and sandy. As I rode on the trail,  my tires got stuck in the mud and I swerved.

Take two: the back streets.

Always have a Plan B.

Aloha 🌺,


A PB, NDB and OMG all in two hours

I signed up to ride in a Cystic Fibrosis fundraising bike ride, which takes place in three days. I’ve had my bike since June 8, and have enjoyed riding on the local Katy Trail, so I told myself I can do this.

Well, yesterday I did a PB (personal best) by riding with two men from the team,  27.5 miles, round trip, in two hours, which is further than I’ve ever ridden.

This was my NDB (never done before) for the day. Do one daily!

Upon returning home, I realized, OMG, (Oh my gosh) I did it! This means I can safely, effectively, confidently ride in the 25-mile event on Saturday.

Set a goal, prepare, reach the goal. If I can, you can.



The morning sky as I began my ride. #grateful
These two men were supportive, encouraging, and taught me great lessons. #team

Happy October!!!🍂

🍂Happy October!!!🍂

Fall foliage along the paths and trails. Crisp morning air kisses our faces. Lovely sunsets entertain us before bed. Seasons are changing.

This is the time of year to reorganize the closets, packing away summer habiliments until next year. Enjoy morning walks, rides, runs while watching the sun arch up into the sky. Cheer for our favorite football teams. Spend time with dear ones.

Stay grateful, curious, and active. Share your oxytocin with friends and family. Have FUN every day.



Blue skies smilin’ at me…