A little more love for nature

A cardinal flew by, a squirrel leaped across the trail, a bunny scampered into the bushes, and I merely pedaled steadily parallel to the river. Today was my first sunrise ride. I loved seeing the first glint of the sun rising and peeking at me through the clouds. Then, as if to touch the water of the Missouri River, the golden rays reached across like a wand.

My thoughts jumped to errands, forgiveness, goals, and plans.

A little love for me, and you, and Momma Nature. Go get in it!



The tunnel lights are on!
Good morning, Sun!
Empty Nester Riding mom

Reach for the stars, set goals, stay optimistic

I completed a goal yesterday that I set in early June: to ride my bicycle up to the next trail marker (along the Katy Trail) and back home. I did it (21.2 miles!)  Now, I’m aiming to go to the next trail marker, which is 26.5 miles from my home, and back…that will take some time!

When we set goals, small steps for small feet, we invite our brains to think positive, stay optimistic and determined. Incremental success keeps us on track, that is how I ride and stay focused. I approach goals that way.

Looking at the night sky and seeing the stars (through a free app called SkyView), I am in awe of the magnitude of our world. Those are the stars to reach for, metaphorically. Reach for the stars and you may catch one.

Tips: The nectar is in the journey. Don’t give up.











Joys in Momma Earth 🌿🌎

Earlier this week, http://www.alohadenise.com/2018/09/09/stay-true-to-your-intention/  I mentioned doing things never done before (NDB). I went to the cryo tank and slept like a bear.  I went to the cryo tank again yesterday and slept well last night too. Now it’s not an NDB, but a ILI (I love it)!

Suggesting doing NDBs is a favorite idea I enjoy sharing with people. Another is inspiring Momma Earth moments (MEM). Along the Katy Trail from my bike seat, I see the Missouri River, animals, birds, sand-making machines and trees. Lots of gorgeous tall green trees, reaching up to the blue sky. I know these sites are finite because the fall is imminent and the trees will lose their leaves. So until then, I look ahead, live full-out and enjoy these gifts from Momma Earth. I invite you to do to so too.






Look ahead

We all know that seventeen years ago our world changed. We must always remember that day, those brave souls, and how our country 🇺🇸 came together. I was driving my daughters to their school.







We must definitely look ahead. Forge our futures. Create a better world.  Leave our own personal legacy.

Honoring those who serve.  I look ahead for greatness, everywhere. Any thoughts?




Stay true to your intention

Stay true to your intention: FUN, joy, be the change we want to see in the world.

As we explore each day, striving to have FUN, we must stay true to ourselves, our goals for the world and our purpose.

One of my goals, that I willingly share, is experience NDBs daily. Things you’ve/I’ve never done before.  In the new is where we learn, grow, prosper.

Earlier this week I stepped into a cryotherapy tank, set at -150ºF, for two minutes. I’d never done that before, but my friend had. I giggled, spun around, smiled for the camera, and created my fun for those two freezing minutes. What I gained from this experience far outweighed the discomfort. I slept great that night and some of my bike-riding & power-walking body aches vanished. Thus, I committed to three more sessions.

In searching for my purpose, I seek FUN, extraordinary people, and culturally rich places. What are you seeking? What’s your purpose? What brings you joy? Please reply.






Another EN-NDB

Another EN-NDB (Empty Nester-Never Done Before) has me singing its praises! I bought a Groupon for an indoor cryo tank, based on my friend Kim’s high recommendation. Entering the chiropractic office, sitting on the semi-circle banquette with seven other nervous newbies, and waiting, I gathered my excitement and skepticism.  At the time of our appointment, we all gathered our belongings and followed the receptionist to the “room.”

The instructions included remove our clothes, except undergarments (should we choose to keep them on), wear the provided bathrobe, ‘pool shoes’, gloves and thick socks, and wait. One by one, I watched as each person before me mounted the steps, entered the tank, removed their robe and began the session.

My turn… I did everything I saw the others do and promised myself to enjoy it. I moved around, joking, laughing, dancing to keep warm, and thinking. My thoughts were of the benefits I’d come away with. Then, my two minutes were over. I did it! My legs were the coldest.

I must admit, I had no real effects during the day, but I wasn’t sore after my 8km powerwalk AND I slept for eleven hours straight!! I haven’t done that in 25+ years!!  I’m a believer now!



What words do you use?

Winnie the Pooh once said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” That’s how I felt last night, as another friend took her leave of this city on her way to her next adventure. I’m fortunate to have met her, explored with her, and learned from her.  She taught me so much of her industry and travels.

As we parted, she said she enjoyed all the tours I took her on and she’ll keep in touch.  Her words warmed my heart.

Words create images. Friends create your tribe.





It only takes a few

New to a city? New to empty nester living? I was both not too long ago. What I’ve learned is it only takes a few new friends to build your tribe.  Radiate your positive energy!







I’m most grateful for my tribe. Here’s where I met the great friends I share FUN with today: the sauna of a gym, an expat website, an airport, a Meet-up site, and in line at a sushi bar.  How? I said, “Hi!”










This weekend us Empty Nesters enjoyed an outdoor festival featuring 11 Blues bands playing outstanding music. Yesterday welcomed pool time, sunshine, and a BBQ with several of these wondrous people. My life in my new city continues to get better, less lonely, and more lively every week.

Every great pool party has chips & dip!

Post dinner fire-side chat time

Tip: just say, “Hi!”