Daily dose of delight

Looking out at the day I see the tops of trees, buildings and a freeway. I also see great adventure. I head out for my daily dose of delight.

Getting outside for a few minutes warms your skin and energizes your mind. Even if only briefly.

Be kind, always. Get some sun, often. Be adventurous, regularly. Do an NDB (never done before) daily. And complete a good deed as a diurnal habit.



A lesson in weather

Yesterday was sunny, warm, clear and dry. I chose to work inside at my desk, doing housework, reading. No bike ride, no walk, no fresh air.

Today there is thunder, lightning, and heavy rains. No chance of a bike ride, a walk, or fresh air.

Life lesson:  go outside whenever possible. It’s a prosperity tool.




Follow your bliss

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” — Joseph Campbell

Following my bliss means enjoy daily sunshine, phone and in-person conversations, sharing a good meal, and expressing gratitude.

The more I have, the more I am grateful.

I connected two friends who live on opposite sides of the country. What they have in common, besides me, is they are Texans, love jewelry, and are both extraordinary women. Now they are friends. That brings me so much bliss and joy.

How do you follow your bliss?



Today’s a GOOD🍀 LUCK day!

Today, Friday the 13th, is a GOOD LUCK day! The sun’s out, so FUN’s out. It’s the end of a hard-working week. It’s SUMMER and we can stay up late. It’s the beginning of a week-end. It’s a friends and family day.

I am NOT a Friggatriskaidekaphobic.*

I am a life optimizer and optimist.







*If you happen to believe in bad luck,  read more at:

Have a GREAT day!  I will.



Stop and see the beauty

Biking along the Katy Trail  from a trail head just outside our building, (in Missouri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katy_Trail_State_Park)  jumps starts my day. There’s sun, fresh air, trail animals (rabbits, snakes, birds, squirrels) and flowers.

Today I will slow the pace and walk the trail…another way to take in all the nature.

Happy Wednesday! Stop today and see the beauty around you!





bee, yellow flower, green tree. 📱photo by me on iPhone7

Leave a little sparkle of YOU ✨ 

Over the weekend I enjoyed clear, blue skies, a lovely twelve-mile bike ride, and    friends that feed my sparkling soul.

I met one friend on an expat website. I love her so much. Now I know her family, her parents and her sister.

I met another friend by saying, “Hello,” at an airport. Now I know her family and her school friends, work friends, and her daughter’s friends. I love her so much.











Everyone I meet adds sparkle and joy to my life. My intention is to do the same to people I meet. ✨ ✨ ✨

Leave your ‘sad story’ behind and make new stories! Live out loud and out on the court!!! Leave a little sparkle of you everywhere and with everyone! ✨ No one can dull YOUR sparkle.











Always look for the silver linings

Rain outside? Play inside. Too hot or too cold? Be creative. Organize your closet or meet a friend for coffee. Moving? Purge your goodies and share with the Universe. You’ve enjoyed the clothes, dishes, shoes, books, etc. long enough, now let someone else enjoy them.  You learn so much about yourself when you practice this purge. The silver lining: you don’t need so much stuff. Trust me!

Travel is the best educator. You learn from places, cultures, and people. Just say “hi” to people: at the airport, sushi bar, meet-up party, gym.  All the friends we make in our lifetime teach us. Another prize about friends is you’ll have people to visit. The  silver lining: “Oh the places you’ll go!” Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

The summer is short, so to quote the oft misquoted John Heywood from 1546: “Make hay while the sun shines!” Go out, ride the bike, take the walk, fly the kite, swim the laps.  Drink from the cup of joy; find all the silver linings.




Bikes 🚲 BBQ 🥩 and Blasts 🎇🇺🇸

Kicking off the day off, my HH and I headed out to the Katy Trail.  Mark hasn’t been on a bike in about twenty years, so we were both excited. The ride was gorgeous: clear, sunny skies, 94ºF and smooth. We rode four miles out (to the car cemetery) then back home.



To continue filling up our day together, HH made Keto/Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free Peanut Butter cookies. They were gorgeous and delicious.




Our great day continued as we headed to some friends’ house for a BBQ.  The men grilled steaks outside and us women provided everything else.  Then we went to Frontier Park, Downtown St. Charles, along the Missouri River, for fireworks. I think everyone from this area code was there! The show was colorful and festive. A neighborhood celebration that was surely enjoyed by all.














Happy Birthday, America!🎇🇺🇸




Settle into the sweetness of summer

Summer is officially in full swing. I choose to settle into the sweetness of the long days.  The sun wakes me up, beckoning me to come out and play. I accommodate by jumping on my bike and riding up and down the Katy Trail.

To honor and celebrate July 4th, we’ll be with friends for a BBQ and fireworks.

Whatever plans come our way, embrace them. Hearts filled with joy and primed for sharing.

Thoughts? Happy Summer🌞!