Buckle up and GO! 🚙

New town, city, country? Buckle up and GO explore!









I’ve explored many of the neighborhoods and surrounding cities since moving to the St. Louis, Missouri area a year and a half ago. Recently, my explore-mobile (formerly my mommy-mobile) took me over the Mississippi River bridge into Illinois, where I visited a winery.

The street lined with shops, car repair businesses, Elks Lodge, and family restaurants changed when I turned left onto Main Street. At the end of the street, I caught a glimpse of the rolling hills, straight lines of vineyards, and the hanging barrel welcoming me to the winery. Ahhh, a day out in the sunshine, looking out over an orchard. That’s a good day.

Tip: buy a Groupon ( https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/ccdeb8a3-f6dc-41ea-9b57-a3845dcf14d1 ), set a date, go explore!  There’s a 20% discount now to celebrate the end of summer.




Sunken treasure, red brick lunch place, jewel box

Today was all about friendship, culture, exploring and FUN. Another new friend is relocating out of St. Louis soon. I took her on a whirlwind tour, from 9:45 am until 4:30 pm, ducking out of the rain, zigzagging through the city, taking in a fragrant tour.  We’ve made the most of our time together.

The exhibit of artifacts found and retrieved from the bottom of the sea in Egypt’s lost cities taught us so much.

(see http://slam.org/exhibitions/sunkencities.php) for more details)


Then lunch in a historic neighborhood, surrounded by red-brick homes, tall trees, and interesting passers-by.

Finally, our private tour of a chocolate factory, replete with samples galore, and a trip to the Jewel Box, a lovely glass building in the Forest Park expanse, ended our adventure.



How was your day? Keep your eyes out for FUN around every corner of your city.




Ta-Da! 🎉 I live with a SUPER GENIUS!!

So I don’t have to miss a day, my HH (handsome SUPER GENIUS hubby) fixed my blog prob, and here we are.

So the sun won’t set on this day-without-a-blog, I offer these messages:


The magical world of the computer is only for the patient…and those of us who are married to patient people.








My initial message this morning covered how to create your own Road Trip _____day (insert day here). My RTT is Tuesdays. I’ll go into more detail next post.

Until then, say hello to someone you don’t know and have FUN today!

As always, thank you for reading!





It’s in the books

While I ride, I read. I listen to audiobooks through my earbuds. As an adult, I’ve been a good, almost voracious, reader. I’ve even missed a train stop due to an engrossed reading session. Now, I read and ride. I enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and the occasional sighting of a snake, a cardinal, old farm tools, or a rabbit…yes, on the trail!

I read about people, self-development, and anything I’m recommended to read.

In the books, I learn. On the bike, I escape. In life, I am grateful.

What are you reading?



An old, abandoned farm tool




Let it go….

🚲The loud neighbor woke me up early…I let it go and jumped on my bike.

📖Clouds rolled in and shortened my sunny day…I let it go and went inside to read a book.

🧘🏻‍♀️Rain dampened my outside exercise plan…I let it go and rolled out my yoga mat.

Whatever blip derails your plans, let it go. Find good in everything. There is magic in the surprise.



Do what you love, love what you do, be un-reasonable doing it

If you want to drive a Tesla: go to the dealer and drive one. If you want to own it, then buy one. My friend Paul did just that.

If you want to travel to a special place: book the trip, pack your suitcase, go to that special place. My daughters did just that.

If you want to dance with the great band: get up off your seat and go dance! Be un-reasonable — don’t make up reasons why NOT to do something. Just do what you want. Last night, I did just that.

What do you WANT to do?  Be unreasonable.



me dancing w/ the band!


Life lessons under the big sky

Life lessons I took away from my visit to big sky Montana:

Friends are invaluable; keep them close. Squirrels, hummingbirds, chipmunks, and red Robins are beautiful in the sunrise and sunset. Food tastes better when it’s fresh and prepared together with love. Saying “good-bye” always bruises the heart.

A hui hou, Robin and John. Thank you for the memories.

Aloha 🌺,