Happy Summer Solstice!

The start of the astronomical summer begins today!  According to Wiki:

The solstice occurs when a planet’s rotational axis, or geographical pole on either its Northern or its Southern Hemisphere, is most greatly inclined toward the star that it orbits. On the summer solstice, Earth’s maximum axial tilt toward the Sun is 23.44°. (Likewise, the Sun’s declination from the celestial equator is 23.44°.) This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole.  The summer solstice occurs during the hemisphere’s summer.

So, I’m going out for a bike ride, then lunching outside, exploring a beloved neighborhood, all while soaking up the sun.  However you celebrate the warm and wonderful days of summer (there are only 92), have FUN, make memories, do an NDB, share your love and SMILE!!


Aloha🌺 ,



Coffee and computers mix, not mingle

So, today this blog is tardy due to the coffee + computer disaster I experienced over the weekend. My apologies. It was completely my fault. I own it. I am consumed with remorse and life-lesson #109,998,652.

To make it all better, on time, and no more tardy work, my wonderful, generous, handsome husband sent me out to purchase a new laptop. Success! I highly recommend a company called epc (it’s a nationwide gold mine). Huge SHOUT OUT to Don, the service technician and Tony, the sales dude. They were great.

Now, I sit in front of my new-to-me (refurbished hp) laptop to write, explore, and create. The sky is the limit!

Life lesson: what you can walk over, walk over. What you can walk around, walk around. NEVER hand-off a full cup of hot coffee over a computer.



emojis and photos forthcoming.

Good ride and ending

A beautiful morning.  I grabbed my helmet, laced up my shoes, and walked my bike down to elevator to head outside. My goal: ride from our place to the St. Charles trail marker (1 mile) then to the next trail marker, 9.5 miles away, then back. I headed out and, my oh my, the vistas, the trees, two turtles, fresh air, floating cotton pollen, my music!


As I rode, I concentrated: on my breath, my surroundings, my goals. I reached the end point  for this ride; snapped some pics, texted Mark my ETA home, and began the return ride. Again, lovely, peaceful, serene, and only a sprinkling of other riders.

I heard the band playing at the Pride Party in the park. I am one mile from home, and saw people streaming on to the trail to take part in the brightly-colored rented activities. I thought, “ I want to go to the party!” Just then I realized I couldn’t ride/walk/stand anymore. I sat down at the trail marker, called Mark and asked for help. Then, I passed out.

I offer a huge THANK YOU to Mark, the Good Samaritan who summoned the EMS and the St. Charles police team. I made it home ( details told to me by Mark later) rested, showered, and recovered in time for our fun friend activity of the day.

Stay hydrated. Push yourself. Be grateful.



Life is good!







Pieces falling into place

The Tru Hotel is almost complete. The final touches are underway: windows washed, welcome signs on the front sliding glass door, gas lights installed around the building, floodlights shine on the colorful tiles, and new employees scurry about holding supplies. I remember the annoyance of the beeping and hammering sounds and Mark telling me, ” it sounds like progress.” I pleaded for its completion and silence.

the new Tru Hotel by Hilton

Our apartment is finally cozy: I’ve added a few live plants and they add such a nice touch. I made two more pillows for our bed to complete the beach/ocean/warm scene in our sanctuary.

purple calla lilies, peace lily, succulents, herb garden

My Road Trip Tuesdays🚙 offer me new insights into neighborhoods I’ve not yet explored (in the eighteen months I’ve lived here).

True friendships need nurturing, and my heart is full when I think of the wonderful friends I share my time with.

Settling in is a process. It takes time and patience. Looking back I was different:  a little lost, unsettled. Today, I’m confident, secure, and resolved. Oh, what a difference time makes! All the pieces are falling into place.

Time is magic. How does this resonate with you?



Baseball experience, continued.

The baseball game experience had a wonderful ending.

The Metrolink train arrived and all of us Cardinals fans streamed into the cars and took our seats. It was filled to the brim when we rolled away. Arriving at the Stadium a few minutes later,  my excitement (and nervousness) grew.  I exited the train, climbed the stairs, and saw the imposing Busch Stadium sign to my left. I encountered a man selling tickets, just as I stepped onto the sidewalk, I asked him how much, and he asked me, ” How much do you want to pay?” I replied, “Twenty dollars.” He showed me the seating chart and tried to raise the price, but after a few seconds, he handed me a ticket, I handed him a twenty-dollar bill and walked away delighted!

So, I took my seat, right behind home plate, in the imminent shade. I was giddy!!! Turns out, the shade didn’t reach our row, so I moved up a row, in the shade. Cut the story: Three men arrived and one said I could stay in my shaded seat, as his friend wasn’t coming.  So, I had nice seatmates, a great seat, AND the game was awesome! The Cardinals won and fireworks verified it.

Getting home proved the need to pay attention. I streamed onto the wrong train. I was chatting with a lovely woman (about Book Club, the cancer center, old St. Louis) and looked out the window to see nothing familiar about my destination. Turns out, I was on the Blue Line, rather than the Red Line. So I got out, waiting for the next Westbound Red train, and continued my route to my car.

Lessons learned: Ticket scalpers are honest. The train has two lines. Now I know how to get to the Galleria Mall. People are helpful and friendly.




Yoga in the morning

I awoke on time. Made it downstairs. Paid my entrance fee. Claimed my spot. The teacher began on time.

Yoga on the street (ouch) in front of our apartment building with twenty other bright-eyed yoginis started my Saturday. The teacher was well-paced, friendly and professional. No bull.  Raindrops sprinkled us, just enough to cool me off. Then the sun followed, enough to brighten the streets.

New things, new people, new experiences in this new month. I’m getting my “Juicy June” off to a super start!

Go out and find something NEW and FUN in your neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did. Namaste, y’all!




Red bird NDB

Today is an NDB of noteworthy proportions: I’m taking the metro link train to the St. Louis Cardinals (red bird) baseball game. My friend, Val, shared her wisdom so here I go.

Drive and park (free lot) at N. Hanley Rd. Board the east bound train to Busch stadium. The round trip train ticket was $5.

Smooth sailing so far… to be continued.